Chromatik iPad Donation program continues

iPad Donation Program

iPad Donation Program

Back in December, we at Chromatik announced our iPad Donation Program. Well, the holidays have come and gone, but we’re still feeling generous. You have students to get back to, so I will be brief.

If you onboard Chromatik with your school (100 or more students), we will donate an iPad to your music program. No strings attached. Keep reading for more…

We launched Chromatik in November with some pretty fantastic success. While we are honored to have folks like Bruno Mars involved, we are truly excited that Chromatik is now freely available to all musicians.

Chromatik has many uses for musicians. But for music educators, we have seen that it is particularly valuable in bringing your music classroom to the next level.

Chromatik is available via web and iPad. Some folks use Chromatik in the classroom or practice rooms with technology available in-school. And others use Chromatik as a homework vehicle for students at-home practice. Either way, teachers are currently using Chromatik to transform their music distribution and student assessment.

If you are interested in learning more about using Chromatik in your school, please contact

And did we mentioned that the platform is free? Yes, free.

We are all musicians and music teachers here at Chromatik. We know how tremendously difficult your job as a music educator is at times. We understand budget constraints and how there is never enough time. Well, hopefully we have made your life easier on both sides with Chromatik.

We have decided to go a step further — we will be donating an iPad to the first 100 music programs that onboard 100 or more students to Chromatik. (Program details can be found here)

When we started Chromatik, iPads were still in their infancy. Now there is an explosion of commercial growth, and we are just starting to figure out how to meaningfully use iPads in the classroom and beyond. There are fantastic applications to enhance your music classroom and teaching experience, and we want to make sure that you have access to them. Just send us a list of who you signed up to Chromatik, we will verify it on our end, and then we will ship something shiny your way!

Official Program Rules

1. Signup for a Chromatik account yourself at
2. Upload some of your class materials
3. Create a playlist for your class(es)
4. Share the playlist with your students

5. Once your students have created Chromatik accounts, email with the subject line “iPad Program, Teacher Information” and include the following in the body of the email:

(a) Your full name
(b) Email
(c) School
(d) Phone
(e) Shipping address
(f) List of students signed up, including their full names and email addresses

6. We will get back to you within ten (10) business days for confirmation.

As always, please let us know if we can be helpful in any way. Chromatik is made for musicians, by musicians. So if you have “dream features” or questions along the way, do not hesitate to give us a holler.


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