Chromatik CEO Matt Sandler’s Senior Recital

Matt’s Senior Recital

With all of the buzz surrounding Chromatik Founder & CEO Matt Sandler (30 Startup People To Watch This Year), we’re sure you’ve been wondering how Matt sounds on his horn. Really anyone can call themselves a musician, but it takes years of dedication to gain the chops to back it up. We’re here to show you that Matt Sandler has indeed put in the time.

Matt started out his career being recruited as a saxophonist much like an athlete would be by universities around the country. Ultimately settling in at UCLA, Matt began an illustrious career with his peers and teacher, Doug Masek, performing his way through festivals, concert halls, and clubs with the likes of Herbie Hancock, Eric Marienthal, and more on his way to becoming a premier concert saxophonist. Check out some footage from his Senior Recital at UCLA above.

If you come by the office, you can still find Matt stealing away to the studio between meetings. At Chromatik, we’re in touch with the musician side of us all.


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