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Midwest Survey

Midwest Survey

While we exposed countless educators to Chromatik this past month at the Midwest Clinic for music education, we also wanted to get some feedback on what is happening in schools around the country as far as music education practices and tools are concerned. We talked to educators, administrators, students, and performance groups, ranging in size from 1-200+ and in experience from elementary school to professional bands and orchestras in our survey of the conference.

With a resounding 92.4% we found that unsurprisingly more and more music educators are turning towards new technology to assist in teaching their students. Between projectors, computer software, smartboards, and tablets the world of music education is evolving with some schools even moving into a 1:1 ratio of systems to students. Though over 70% of the educators we surveyed had not yet begun using digitized sheet music, nearly 64% of them expressed interest in converting — something we would highly recommend!

Be sure to be on the lookout for more integration of music and technology for educational and professional purposes coming soon. There are lots of great new programs and features to come!


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